Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Recipes

Discover gluten-free recipes from our book to yours

gluten free raspberry oat bars
This recipe was submitted by one of our customers - Katie U. of Littleton. All we can say is YUM! Actually, a big thank you as well. These gluten free raspberry oat bars are delicious. They also happen to be egg free, easy to make, great for picnics or parties, and super kid-friendly. Did I mention it easily converts to dairy-free as well? Make a batch today, and the next, and the next...... read more
gluten free banana muffins
This gluten free banana muffin was the inspiration behind our Cheatin' Wheat 3-in-1 Muffin Mix. Kathy always has a stash of frozen, over-ripe bananas she needs to use up as well as hungry kids to feed quickly. Voila, a gluten free muffin mix is born. read more
gluten free apple spice muffins
Our gluten free Apple Spice Muffin was one of the original three from the Cheatin' Wheat 3-in-1 Muffin Mix. We happened to have some extra applesauce around and said, "Why not?" read more
gluten free blondie bars
Blondies are nothing new - making them gluten free might be. Not only do you have to substitute the all purpose flour for our Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Flour, you may also have to eliminate the oh so traditional butterscotch chips. Those little chips are often a hidden source of gluten since the culprit ingredient is barley based... read more
gluten free pie crust
Both Kathy and I are pie kind of people. Her son always wants pumpkin pie for his birthday (doesn't matter that it is in summer). And my husband will always take birthday pie over birthday cake. Pie is perfect anytime of year! In Spring, I always want something bright, fresh and slightly tart like lemon meringue and rhubarb. Summer is all about the bounty of fruit and you can never go wrong with a great peach or berry pie. By Fall I want rich, warm and spicy; I use things like apples, figs, pears, pumpkin and pecans.  Winter is about celebration and decadence - chocolate usually takes center stage. read more