Gluten Free Product Research

Product Development

Our Cheatin' Wheat line of gluten free dry mixes mixes allows customers to quickly and easily create delicious gluten free products that rival their wheat-based counterparts in taste, texture, and quality. However, your goal may be to replicate a signature menu item with a gluten free alternative, or you have an entirely new gluten free idea you want created. We can help! Cheatin' Wheat is available for product development. As a dedicated gluten free business, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to create outstanding gluten free products for you! Along with our gluten free baking experience, Chef Lexie Justice also brings years of culinary knowledge, both as a working pastry chef and as an instructor.  Many gluten free questions can be answered with a simple email or phone call; however, we are also available for larger scale projects, beginning at product concept through prototype.