Cheatin' Wheat Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Thanks to all the customers who have supported Cheatin' Wheat over the years. Living gluten free can be more delicious than ever! Here are a few of your comments about our products. Have a testimonial to share? We'd love to hear from you. Please share with us.

Jeff - Littleton, CO
I had never cooked with gluten free products before but when my wife brought home a box of the Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Pancake mix and said she wanted to give it a try, I was very anxious.  I followed the recipe using buttermilk and was blown away...the pancakes were light and fluffy and tasted absolutely wonderful.  They are without a doubt the best we have ever eaten, and we eat a lot of pancakes.  I added about an 1/8 of a cup more buttermilk to thin the batter and it was just perfect.  Thank you for making a wonderful product and great pancakes.

Gwenn - Denver, CO
I just tried Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Pancake mix and it's fabulous. I Used it with my aunt's recipe for Swedish Pancakes and it came out better than with regular flour. Then tried the scones, with orange sauce, and they were absolutely delicious.  We don't need to be gluten free but are being won over by your great mixes and recipes.  Thanks so much.

Kathleen - Denver, CO
I just made a batch of chocolate chip cookies using your Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Flour that I bought at Whole Foods. I am always trying new flours to see if they are any good. Your flour is amazing! My cookies look and taste like "normal" choc chip cookies, they are moist and hold together great! These are the best cookies I have made in over 3 years! I had my 14 year old taste test, she said they are amazing, as she proceeded to eat 3 more. Thank you!

Lynnette - CO
I attended the NoCo Celiac Support Group on March 6th and was delighted with the cooking presentation from the lovely women at The Last Crumb Bakery. I purchased the Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Flour and made cookies this morning. The BEST cookies I have EVER made. Not only was the demonstration fun and informative, it actually worked! I don't consider myself a great baker to begin with and going GF adds extra complexity at being able to recreate the recipes I love.  With the instruction and the flour, even I was able to get a successful result with the recipe! Thank you for being AWESOME and encouraging to the rest of us. You made my baking life better - thank you!"

Susan - Highlands Ranch, CO
I sampled your muffins last weekend at Whole Foods Highlands Ranch. In the past week, I've baked blueberry muffins with your Cheatin' Wheat 3-in-1 Muffin Mix and some insanely delicious Chocolate chip cookies with the Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Flour. Both were absolutely fabulous. I am a convert--no other products on the market are even a close second.  THANK YOU!!!!

Mary - Denver, CO
I have been doing gluten free since September and have tried many brands and blends of gluten free flour since then.  I have been making my own bread because I feel the bread you can purchase at stores just doesn’t taste all that great to me.  I recently found a gluten free flour called Cheatin’ Wheat Flour Blend.  It’s made by a company called The Last Crumb Bakery in Denver Colorado. I purchased a 25 lb. container which arrived yesterday.  I made some bread this morning and thought I would try Tollhouse Cookies with the gluten free flour.  Well, they just came out of the oven, and you would never know they are made with gluten free flour.  They taste just like the original recipe.  Delicious!!!

Linda - St. Louis, MO
Used your muffin mix for first time this morning to make pumpkin muffins and added 1/4 tsp. each ginger, cloves and nutmeg. Then frosted them with caramel frosting. These are party fare for the fall season! I plan to make them for a Halloween themed baby shower in October. Thank you for creating a great gluten free product.

Danielle - Denver, CO
Thank you and great job. I Found you at the Denver Incredible Edible Gluten Free Fair and bought a box of the Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Flour. I just made the most decadent batch of gluten free chocolate chip cookies! I had almost given up on baking and now I can't wait for Xmas cookie time! Thank you so much.

Jen - Highlands Ranch, CO
AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME GF flour mix --- OH MY GOSH!! I've been searching for a gf flour for a while now without any luck. Every flour either left a funky aftertaste, it had an odd grainy residue after chewing, or the cookies looked like they were stomped on. I made brownies and chocolate chunk cookies with your gf flour today substituting your flour for 'regular' flour gram for gram. The only change was the addition of xanthan gum. They both had exceptional results!!! The cookies look exactly like cookies made with 'regular' flour. The taste is amazing! I'm really wowed!

Anthony - New Mexico
I'm not often impressed with customer service, but I had to say something about this company. I had a last minute layover in Denver and the gracious owner went out of her way to facilitate a bulk purchase. I'm a Fireman, and is is hard to find quality gluten free options at a fair price. I was turned onto this product by a friend after finding out I had celiac disease, which was triggering my Fibromyalgia.  Not only has Cheatin' Wheat been a blessing, but now I have my brothers at the station asking what's my secret. The secret is out, and I can't thank you enough!

Kellie - Denver, CO
I used your gluten free Wacky Chocolate Cake Mix to make muffins for my daughter's birthday and they were amazing!! She and all her classmates loved them. I did as as well. The batter tastes like chocolate milk (without the milk)! They cook to perfection and are very moist. Thank you!!!

Katie - Denver, CO
I am so happy to have discovered Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Flour Mix!  I have loved to bake my whole life, but when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 8 years ago I almost gave it up. I could not come up with a great flour blend that would work for all of my baking needs until I found the Last Crumb Bakery. I no longer have a full cupboard of rice flour, almond flour, potato starch, garbanzo flour, ect. I use this gluten free flour blend in place of all of my flour needs. I have two young children at home so baking fun treats is a must! Friends and family love all of our cookies, cakes, breads and muffins and no one would ever guess that they are gluten free.  Thanks Kathy and Lexie, you have made baking fun and tasty again!!!

Lauren - Denver, CO
Cheatin' Wheat / The Last Crumb Bakery has never disappointed me. Even non gluten free friends can't tell the difference... The pie crust is actually better than a standard pie crust!

Kim - Denver, CO
With a Celiac mother and a gluten free brother, I have consumed many gluten free products. I tried your cookies over the holidays and was amazed at the texture and taste, both of which rivaled baked goods made with wheat flour.

Aveda Academy - Denver, CO
We brought in the delicious Last Crumb Bakery goodies for our customers who needed gluten free items. We soon realized all of our customers, not just those who are gluten free, love them!

Carol - Littleton, CO
Thank you for coming to the the Denver CSA meeting. Your enthusiasm and knowledge were impressive. The treats you brought to share were sooo good. I didn't make pie crusts before I was diagnosed but you made me want to try now. You two are doing a great job

Ginny - Denver, CO
I have been using your Cheatin' Wheat gluten free flour mix since the gluten free fair last August and think it is the best thing going.

Charles - Denver, CO
I made the pancakes last night and I must say this is the best Gluten Free pancake mix that I have ever had - and I have tried them all.

Denver, CO
Thank you for making the holidays more tasty for our celiac son. Everything tasted wonderful - the muffins were an especially big hit! And thanks for being so considerate in working with us through the ordering and delivery process. We love /Cheatin' Wheat/The Last Crumb Bakery!

Genny - Boulder, CO
As the Kitchen Manager of a new, high-end chocolate bakeshop in Boulder, Colorado, it is my job to create and experiment with recipes to satisfy our customers.

There is a very high demand for gluten-free products in this area, so it was imperative that we make a portion of the menu available to such dietary needs. The Last Crumb's Cheatin' Wheat blend was the first product that worked in our recipes and I was astonished and thrilled by how easy it was to apply and how perfectly the products turned out.

I am able to replace the wheat in recipes cup-to-cup (with added Xanthan Gum) with no problem, the texture and rise are identical to the standard recipe, and the taste is spot-on. In fact, we have to (very obviously) label our gluten-free items because we cannot taste the difference! We are planning to convert more of our products to be gluten-free, using Cheatin' Wheat without question or hesitation.

John - Amarillo, TX
My son in law and I made squash muffins last night with Cheatin' Wheat. The finished product was fabulous, and I was able to enjoy the muffins with the rest of my family. Thank you Cheatin' Wheat/ Last Crumb Bakery!