Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Recipes

Discover gluten-free recipes from our book to yours

hazelnut flour
This is one of the first recipes I ever developed as a pastry chef. I always loved the hazelnut and almond cakes originating in Austria, Hungary, France and the Piedmont. Intensely flavored and almost sandy in texture, they were great with a cup of espresso. However, I wanted to make a tender, richer version so I turned to my old friend butter - and lots of it! This gluten free hazelnut cake is thin, dense, moist and delicious. It is a perennial Fall favorite. read more
gluten free hazelnut meltaways
These cookies - these fabulous little cookies. They kind of sneak up on you. One moment, you place one in your mouth. It melts, literally melts, away leaving a lingering flavor of hazelnut and butter. Next thing you know, you have eaten five of them. Where did they all go? It is the melt-away quality of meltaways that makes them so seductive. I can’t help myself. And I bet you can't either once you try this delectable gluten free cookie. read more
gluten free gnocchi
Although most people think potatoes when they think gnocchi, gnocchi can actually be any thick, soft pasta made from flour, semolina, eggs, cheese, breadcrumbs, potatoes or any combination thereof. The word gnoccho, where gnocchi is thought to be  derived, means little lump. Not very enticing I know. Especially since gnocchi, when done well, are light, delicate and anything but lump-like. Using potatoes as a base means making gluten free gnocchi can be quite simple. So Just channel your inner nonna and get cookin'. read more
gluten free blueberry scone
A warm gluten free scone. Yum! They have a lovely crisp, golden crust with a rich, buttery flavor and light, fluffy texture. They are delicious served with Devonshire Cream, butter, jam or lemon curd. Although blueberry is a classic, scones are such a simple vehicle to make any flavor you want. read more
gluten free texas chocolate sheet cake
Yes, it is supposed to be that thin. Yes, the frosting is supposed to be that sweet. Yes, the cake is supposed to be that moist. Yes, I can eat half the cake in one sitting. Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake is a Southern specialty and by specialty I mean institution. Recipes for this cake are passed down through the generations, and for good reason! This gluten free cake is incredibly, undeniably, scrumptiously delicious. Although every family's recipe may vary slightly, they all rely on very basic ingredients and come together simply. What could be better then that?  read more