Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Recipes

Discover gluten-free recipes from our book to yours

gluten free ginger spice muffins
These gluten free Ginger Spice Muffins are one of my favorites. They are boldly spiced, slightly bitter and pack a ginger punch. They are perfect in the morning with coffee or tea and get even better with a little lemon curd. read more
gluten free raspberry cream cheese muffins
Kathy avoids dairy as a general rule, but she is a tentative taster when we are trying a new recipe. "Boy...chew, chew...these are worth eating dairy for!" she exclaimed between her third and fourth bites. That is really saying something and she will pay for those extra bites. Although I am not advocating you change your diet just for these muffins, they are pretty darn delicious. read more
gluten free rocky road bars
Rocky Road is a unique flavor combination that originated in the late 1920s. It is credited to the partnership between Joseph Edy and William Dreyer, then owners of Edy's Grand ice cream (yes, this did also lead to the Dreyer's Grand ice cream brand). "Rocky Road" now shows up in a variety of sweets from ice cream to cakes to cookies. However, our favorite is no-bake confection that has everything - crunchy, chewy, salty, gooey, marshmallowy addictive! We have made a bit of a switch and changed out the traditional graham crackers for gluten free pretzels. read more
gluten free pastry cream
Did your grandma ever make you homemade vanilla pudding? Hmm, mine didn't either.I was 19 when I first encountered pastry cream, also known as Creme Patisserie. Some friends and I did the poor college kids' Europe trip and it was our last day in Paris. We all had some spare change leftover and we were killing time before going to the airport. So, we pooled our money and splurged on one last trip to a high-end bakery...... read more
gluten free chocolate chip cookie
Crunchy, chewy, cakey, crispy - what makes the perfect gluten free chocolate chip cookie? Kathy and I have many disagreements on this matter and it is the reason we have reinvented our recipe at least six times. I promise I am not kidding. I like softer cookies while Kathy likes them pancake thin and super crispy. The debate continues. Since we could not agree on a Cheatin' Wheat recipe, we relied on our customers, yet again, to provide their favorite version. This recipe was contributed by Katie U. of Littleton. Please share your favorite as well. read more