Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Recipes

Discover gluten-free recipes from our book to yours

gluten free spritz cookie
I love piped butter cookies, also known as spritz cookies. When made correctly, they are crisp, fragile, somewhat dry, buttery and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Simple, elegant, traditional, timeless, a purist's cookie really. Our gluten free spritz cookies contain only a few ingredients - butter, sugars, salt, egg, vanilla extract, gluten free flour and xanthan gum. They are so simple, it is easy to alter the flavor to include citrus zests, rum, almond extract, etc. Don't be intimadated by the thousands of variations in shape, color, ingredient and garnish. Find your own! read more
swiss meringue buttercream
Kathy calls me the Buttercream Whisperer. Silly I know, but it does speak volumes about how luscious a well made meringue-based buttercream can be. Most all of us grew up on "buttercream" that was made by beating butter and powdered sugar together. And although that frosting is a fun trip down memory lane, I much prefer the slightly-more-technical, but oh-so-velvety meringue versions. read more
gluten free pumpkin pie
I love making pies. I know that sounds corny but it is true. I find the work, if you want to call it that, nicely paced for a lazy day. With pie making, there is a little flurry of activity followed by time to sit on the couch and read a book. A little more activity, a little more reading. I can make a whole day go by and am rewarded at the end with a delicious homemade dessert. And right now, I am in the mood for pumpkin pie! read more
gluten free rosemary parmesan crackers
Enriched with cheese, herbs and spices, our Cheatin' Wheat Pie Crust Mix transforms into a buttery cracker with exceptional flavor and crunch. Although you can partner this gluten free Rosemary Parmesan Cracker with cheese, pâté or any sort of spread, this is really meant to be enjoyed on its own. It is both a cheese and a cracker in one! read more
gluten free red velvet cupcakes
Red Velvet is the Cher of cakes. You either love it or hate it. Some people refer to it as garish, dramatic, over-the-top and artificially colored. While others consider it vibrant, kitschy and time-honored. I feel, when done properly, Red Velvet Cake can be quite lovely and range in color from cherry red to deep mahogany. It is really rather stunning when contrasted with startlingly white frosting. read more