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Cheatin' Wheat to Expand into More Wholesale Locations

cheatin' wheat gluten free at Colorado Rest Association Food Show

If you are a gluten free consumer living in this fair state of Colorado, you might have seen Kathy and I at a local food show like the Incredible Edible Gluten Free Fair, taken a gluten free cooking class from us, or encountered us at a Celiac Sprue Association meeting or other educational events. If you know us, you know we love to share our love of food and gluten free living with everyone we meet.

April Gluten Free Cooking Class Recap

You know it was a good class when there is virtually no food left and the students are pickin' through the remains and scraping the bottom of the bowls as you clean up. Our Gluten Free Breakfast Basics class started with a quick lesson in how to sautee bananas. There are five simple rules for every sautee:

1. Use High Heat
2. Make Sure the Product is Dry
3. Use Very Little Fat
4. Don't Crowd the Pan with Product
5. Don't Cover the Pan while Cooking

April Gluten Free Cooking Class

gluten free raspberry cream cheese muffin
gluten free crepe
gluten free pancakes
gluten free pastry cream
gluten free blueberry scone

Breakfast was big in my house growing up. All of us were willing to get up a little earlier, everyday, so we could make and have breakfast. No cereal here (that was reserved for late-night snacking). Saturday, amidst the cartoons, was when my sisters and I made a mess trying to cook pancakes. And every Sunday, my dad would put on a feast; French toast, fried potatoes, eggs cooked to each person's liking, bacon and sausage. I am not kidding when I say his French toast ruined me for life - I never could eat it anywhere else.

Cel-Kids Fall Festival

Cel-Kids gluten free pumpkin pie eating contest

Cel-Kids gluten free pumpkin pie eating contestEveryone loves a good pie eating contest; they are messy, funny and silly all at the same time. I know I am prone to romanticizing things, but a Fall Festival, a pie eating contest and kids just feels like community to me.

Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Dry Mixes

Do you have gluten free dry mixes or gluten free flours in your pantry that you do not really like? I mean, you think they are ok, and you are comfortable with them, but do you really love them? I get it.....

You can't eat a dry mix. You can shake it, turn it around in your hands, read the ingredients...but you still can't taste it right then and there. Of all the shopping choices gluten free consumers have to make, this may be the trickiest. And it is why you often go back to the same lackluster products you have used in the past.

2013 Incredible Edible Gluten Free Fair a Success

2013 marks the seventh year of the Incredible Edible Gluten Free Fair. This year was the largest and most successful event to date. It is estimated that 118 vendors and  4,000 gluten free foodies made their way to the Denver Merchandise Mart last Sunday, August 18th. Compare these numbers to the 2007 count of 35 vendors and 400 attendees. It is a small way to measure the success, influence and support of this community. We have had a table at the the Incredible Edible Gluten Free Fair for the last three years and we just love the atmosphere. Where else do you get to hear phrases like:

Desserts for the Cel-Kids Network

gluten free, dairy free, egg free raspberry oat bars
gluten free, dairy free, egg free whoopie pies

It is very easy to get wrapped up in the business of doing business. There are always things that can take precedence with your time. However, we wanted to take time out of last week and do something for a group of individuals who deserve all the fun and food they can get - the kids of Cel-Kids Colorado. The Cel-Kids group sponsored a dinner and movie night and we provided some yummie, allergy friendly desserts.

Cheatin' Wheat 3-in-1 Muffin Mix

cheatin' wheat 3-in-1 muffin mix ingredients

Both Kathy and I know what it is like to have multiple food allergies in the same household. This is why we were adamant about creating a line of gluten free dry mixes that had a little something for everyone. Our entire line of Cheatin' Wheat Gluten Free Dry Mixes are, of course, gluten free.