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Top tips and tricks for great gluten free food how-tos for gluten free baking.

Tips for Homemade Gluten Free Pasta

If you were diagnosed with celiac disease, a gluten allergy or gluten intolerance six or more years ago, you may have thought pasta was off your plate for good. Now, there are all kinds of dried and refrigerated gluten free pasta varieties at the grocery. They are made from corn or rice or quinoa or black beans, and many of them are quite good. I always have a box on hand for those "Ran late, need dinner now" emergencies. In fact, it is considered a basic staple in my well-stocked gluten free pantry post.

Deciphering Gluten Free Flour

gluten free flour blend ingredients

You may be asking yourself, "What is gluten free flour made of?" And the answer is, "It depends on which one you buy." There are now more gluten free all-purpose flour blends than ever. In addition, many single ingredient gluten free flours/starches such as teff, tapioca, garbanzo, coconut, and banana have emerged in the market. In some ways, it can all be too much. How do you choose which is the best gluten free flour? And more importantly, how do you use them in your recipes?

How to Break Down A Whole Chicken

whole chicken with labeled parts
removing wing tip from whole chicken
slicing skin between leq quarter and breast
popping thigh joint on whole chicken
removing leg quarter with oyster attached
removing second thigh on whole chicken
first cut down keel bone on whole raw chicken
removing breasts on whole raw chicken
separating thigh from drumstick

Every time I buy chicken, I am amazed at the number of steps taken to remove ourselves from the actual product. The parts and pieces are skinless, boneless, wrapped in layers upon layers of packaging and look nothing like the animal they came from. We do this under the guise of convenience, efficiency and healthfulness. We willingly pay more for less and we should stop.

Pantry Primer - A Well-Stocked Gluten Free Pantry

gluten free pantry staples

For me, a well-stocked, gluten free kitchen means being able whip up a snack, treat or dinner without having to run to the grocery every time I want to cook. That is a momentum killer, the grocery, I mean. I get all excited to make something new and then realize I have to go shopping first. By keeping a good assortment of staples on hand, I am more able to have fun in the kitchen and cook things when I am inspired. Of course, this chart does not include the obvious meats, fish, poultry and veggies that are often the backbone of meals. 

How to Make a Vinaigrette

Bottled salad dressings can be convenient, but they are expensive and often full of sugar, weird chemical additives and may not be gluten free. The dressing never seems to cling to the greens the way I want, and because they are not "seasoned" my way, I end up using far more than I might otherwise need. The solution, I make my own!

Tips for Making Better Macarons

gluten free macarons

A few years ago, macarons were the next big thing. I ask you, how is something that has been around for over 150 years the next big thing? At this point, aren't they the tried and true - a classic not a fad? Yet from that craze, the beloved macaron has become something more. People approach the topic of macarons and macaron-making with a reverence, mythology, fervor and zeal almost exclusively seen in cults.

Gluten Free in Food Service

We recently attended the Italco Food Show in Vail and got to interact with a large variety of chefs, business owners and salespeople. Invariably, these customers had questions, lots of questions. Kathy and I relish the chance to answer questions face to face because of the dialog, interaction and understanding that ensues. However, that is not always possible and sometimes you just need a quick refresher. So here goes - the top 6 questions from food service folks heard at the food show.

Wrapped Up in Gluten Free Ravioli

gluten free ravioli filling ingredients
kneading gluten free pasta dough
gluten free ravioli equipment
making gluten free ravioli
olive oil and garlic for sauce
boiling gluten free ravioli

Ravioli is my kind of food. Playful, utilitarian, delicious......The key to great homemade gluten free ravioli is the dough! No wait, the filling! Lemme think, the sauce! No, that's not quite right. It is the proportion between all three! Truly, balance is key here. If the dough is rolled too thickly, then when it get sandwiched together it overwhelms the filling. If you put too much filling in, you ain't never going get that sucker to seal. If it doesn't come apart right then and there, it certainly will fall apart will when you boil it.