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Gluten Free Muffins

We started this business because we wanted to eat great gluten free food. Although we were aware our love of good food would trickle on down to our customer, we didn't really know what that would mean or feel like. So here we are, years later, and I can tell you, our customers make this business amazing! Customers - you, are what keep us baking, developing, scheming, dreaming and working day in and day out. Here are two examples, complete with pictures, from one of our favorite customers in Texas.

gluten free muffins using Cheatin' Wheat Muffin Mix
"I thought you might enjoy some photos from a happy customer.  Just added pecans and lemon extract for this batch made from Cheatin' Wheat 3-in-1 Muffin Mix. This Sunday morning while the house was quiet I thought I might do some baking, and then I just had to get some photos to share with my friends.  I have had Celiac for about 13 years and The Last Crumb Bakery is a blessing for me and my family. The only thing better today would be if I was in Colorado, sitting on a cabin porch having these muffins."

gluten free muffins using Cheatin' Wheat Muffin Mix
"Sat. night the snow started falling, by morning we had a blizzard that kept us inside all day Saturady, Sunday and Monday. So after being over 300 miles away from Cheatin' Wheat, I remembered I had a box of your muffin mix and I created my first batch of banana, pecan, cinnamon and lemon muffins. I also added a touch of brown sugar on the tops. Of course I had to have a big mug of hot chocolate topped off with some whipped cream. Someday I hope we can go to the grocery store in Amarillo and see your Cheatin' wheat on the shelves!"